To All Families in the Cave Creek School District... Stay Safe and Healthy.

 Help us campaign today for  better representation tomorrow!  

All students, All Parents,  All Teachers Deserve REPRESENTATION


Serving The Community

  Jeff Fortney has been working tirelessly to make the community of Cave Creek a better place. 

He has lived in here for 20 years. 

His son graduated from Cactus Shadows High School.

His grandson is a future Desert Willow Roadrunner. 

He began his teaching career in 2004 in Cave Creek, teaching

8 years at Desert Willow Elementary and 

Sonoran Trails Middle School. He continues to teach special education in the Deer Valley School District.

United By A Common Goal

  Jeff Fortney believes a school board must listen.

To teachers. To parents. To students. 

To the community it serves. 

This candidacy is about Representation.

It is about getting every dollar the district deserves 

and using it wisely. 

Cave Creek Unified needs to fight for proper funding

from our elected officials.

It needs to pay teachers a wage that acknowledges 

their professionalism and rewards their 

dedication and loyalty. 

A school board should listen, analyze and provide. 

Provide the tools teachers want and need to make 

them more effective educators. 

Provide a curriculum that engages and challenges students.

Get Involved

 Jeff Fortney is dedicated to getting the message of 

Representation out to the entire Cave Creek School

District community. You can help by donating to the

cause today. Donations are needed and appreciated.

Recurring donations are extremely helpful 

as it helps us manage future plans. 

You can also help by spreading the word about this

campaign and the idea of real Representation. Watch

for opportunities to canvass neighbors that have never

talked to a board candidate before. Get a petition and 

gather some signatures to get Jeff on the November

2020 ballot. Your time, talent, dollars… your volunteer

commitment is truly appreciated. 


1) Provide a safe, positive, cooperative learning environment where students feel free to do their best work with academic and social/emotional supports provided.

2) Work with the community to develop relationships with the school district that will lead to increased involvement, unity and desire to support bond/override drives.

3) Support educators with pay, benefits and resources that makes Cave Creek Unified School District an employer that retains and attracts great teachers.

4) Establish fiscal responsibility with decisions based on legal and budgetary needs/requirements to provide for efficient and effective use of district resources.

5) Establish lines of communication between the board and educators, families, the community designed to increase dialog, address concerns and routinely attend to the important issues of day to day district functions.

6) Work with local and state lawmakers to promote legislation beneficial to supporting and funding public education in general and the Cave Creek Unified School District specifically.

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